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CBD Oil For Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is a relatively serious skin condition that leaves those that suffer from it with red, scaly patches, which are sometimes thick or even plaque-like. The patches cause sufferers to experience flaking and itching, which is sometimes accompanies by painful cracking, oozing, and bleeding.

If you suffer from a skin condition, you probably understand how embarrassing and frustrating it can be especially when it is as severe as psoriasis. Psoriasis is caused by an underlying auto-immune issue and cannot be moisturized away like standard dry skin.

Despite the technological advances, psoriasis still has no cure. Conventional medicine has however presented several different treatments for the condition that help to reduce symptoms and provide clarity of skin for many patients.

A number of ointments, creams, and oral medications are usually prescribed for many psoriasis sufferers to achieve long-term management. Unfortunately, the medication usually contains ingredients with potentially severe side effects.

Many injections and ointments for treating psoriasis rely on cortisone, which is a steroid with potentially serious side effects such as delayed wound healing and thinning of skin if used often. Other injectable medication carry warnings about the possible re-activation of serious latent infections such as TB.

Even though most psoriasis patients can use such treatments safely as long as they follow the set directions, some sufferers may find the recommended amounts unable to manage their symptoms. Others still have a cortisone sensitivity thus making such treatments impossible.

If you suffer from psoriasis, you have probably tried just about every spray, pill, cream, or lotion on the market to relieve the symptoms. While such treatments might offer a bit of relief, you probably seem to continue flaking and itching your way through life on a daily basis.

Whether it is bumps, red patches, or lesions, psoriasis can be a pain both literally and figuratively. Whether you have a mild case of psoriasis or something a bit more severe, you don’t have to suffer your way through life.

Luckily, there are alternative treatments for psoriasis with cannabinoid treatments being among the best. Have you ever considered using CBD oil before? If you have tried everything else with no results, this cannabinoid treatment could just be the remedy you have been looking for.

First off, it is important to understand that psoriasis has no cure and CBD oil cannot cure your psoriasis. However, CBD oil could be something that helps you effectively manage the symptoms better than other remedies.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 113 natural substances found in the cannabis plant with amazing anti-inflammatory properties that provide relief to various conditions. You shouldn’t worry about CBD getting you high since it does not contain THC, which is the intoxicating substance in cannabis.

For psoriasis, CBD oil not only helps to reduce the skin’s inflammation but also helps to slow down the rate at which skin cells multiply in psoriasis sufferers. Besides slowing down the mechanism of the psoriasis patches, CBD oil also helps to protect skin from UV damage, provide antioxidants, and moisturize the skin.

CBD Oil For Psoriasis Treatment

The skin in psoriasis sufferers produces skin cells at a considerably higher rate than normal and CBD oil helps to reduce the rate of cell division to normal reducing the likelihood of the patient developing new scaly patches.

Early studies reveal positive results regarding the possibility of using cannabinoids such as CBD oil in the treatment of various skin diseases. Other studies have also been positive and have revealed that phytocannabinoids may play an important role in topical psoriasis skin treatments.

You will find many personal reports online from people that suffer from psoriasis that have actually tried CBD oil. According to those reports, most found that it helped ease their symptoms very quickly without any severe side effects.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil is obviously only part of the solution to long-term management and care of such a severe skin condition as psoriasis. Conventional medicine and users of alternative treatments such as CBD oil both recommend that psoriasis patients use CBD oil in tandem with a proper diet along with an active and healthy lifestyle to achieve the best results possible. If you suffer from the condition, please consider using CBD oil and you will be sure to experience relief from your symptoms.